Corinne Hindes & Katrine Kirsebom



Corinne and Katrine were 11 years old when they noticed a homeless community member on the streets near their house, dressed in only a t-shirt and jeans on a bitterly cold winter’s day.


They decided to find a way to help keep him warm.

Board of Directors

Advisory Board



We would like to introduce you to Skye, a member of our Warm Winters Youth Advisory Board. Skye comes to us from the foothills of Western Maine, and will be managing our Lost and Found donation program at Sunday River. She will also be helping manage our social media. Skye has spent the past 4 years volunteering in a program that teaches local elementary school kids to snowboard. She says "I think it is important for young adults to become active members of social change within their communities. Bringing Warm Winters to my local ski resort will have a direct impact on many people's lives this winter in Maine". A senior in high school, Skye has been a snowboarder for the past 8 years, and enjoys skiing the back country, as well as hitting jumps and rails in the park. Sunday River is her home mountain, and she enjoys the beautiful mountains there. In the summertime, she can be found hiking, camping or traveling. 


Meet Sydney, one of our Warm Winters Youth Advisory Board members.  Sydney lives in the Seattle area, and will be leading the lost and found donation program at Crystal Mountain.   Sydney has spent time in recent years volunteering at a local food bank in Seattle.  She says "I have really enjoyed helping individuals and families all over Seattle who are living tough lives.  Warm Winters' efforts at Crystal Mountain will hugely help many people in Seattle living under tough circumstances, and will greatly effect their lives".   A freshman in high school, Sydney has been on the alpine Race Team at Crystal Mountain for several years.


Meet Ben, our Webmaster and Youth Advisory Board Member.  Ben has completely redesigned our website and logo, and we are thrilled to have him with us.  Ben lives in Northern California, where he is a senior in high school. He has a passion for helping others, and has volunteered both locally as well as in Guatemala and Cambodia. Ben says "I've always been fascinated by technology and web design, and being welcomed onboard to design the Warm Winters site has been an incredible opportunity to put one of my passions to work while helping out some amazing people who really deserve it all." In addition to being a tech wizard, Ben is actively pursuing a career in acting, and will be moving to Los Angeles this summer to start working professionally in film and television.